The Pan Piper

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Published in 2018

“We will be remastering the entire album, The Pan Piper, and remixing three songs with new vocals and trumpet in early 2022.” So people might hold off on buying them until I’m happier with how they sound.” to “This is the original version of The Pan Piper, before it was remastered and had three songs updated with new female vocals and two of those songs also updated with trumpet. If you buy the CD, which is now a collector’s item, you can also get the new versions sent to you at no additional cost, digitally, if you request it.”

Collection of 11 songs

  1. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin (Invocation)
  2. To Be Or Not To Be The True Me
  3. A Wounded Man
  4. Oh Weary Traveler
  5. What Am I Missing?
  6. No Leader Of The Pack
  7. The Fantasy Resort
  8. Suburban Refugee
  9. A Trilogy
  10. Spirit Request
  11. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

Pan Piper Press is the name of the publishing imprint that produces all of Ano’s books and music. The Pan Piper is an archetype that combines The Greek nature god, Pan, and the medieval mythical character, The Pied Piper.

Pan, who was the primary force in Tom Robbin’s novel, Jitterbug Perfume, represents what is wild, animalistic, free, and deeply grounded in nature. He is 1/3 goat, 1/3 man, and 1/3 god. His domain is outside of civilization, outside of reason, outside of our normal sense of morality. He lives from his own sovereignty and freedom, but with unshakeable integrity with the untamed, true, and soulful reality that underlies normal life.

The Pied Piper was a magical being who was hired by a town to play his flute and draw all the rats out of the city. He did his job, but then the city refused to pay him, so to teach them a lesson, he played his flute and drew all of the children away from their families and the city and brought them into the wilderness.

So The Pan Piper is combining these two archetypes into a single being whose purpose is to play songs that draw humans out of their civilized trance and back into their true nature as wild, free, natural, sensual, animalistic, divine beings.

This album is fundamentally a sacred and passionate journey out of our civilized conditioning and into our wildness. The songs on The Pan Piper, on the whole, are more complex compositions than the first album, and this album, though ultimately uplifting, is a dying out of numbness and complacency and into the depths of pain, fear, grief, rage, and confusion, to emerge reborn Pan’s world – much more connected to our true nature. Not for the faint of heart!