Liberating Love



“Available in late 2023 to early 2024. Feel free to pre-order it.”


Liberating Love is the 4th studio album by Nagdeo. It is the first album to feature Ken Watson on bass and vocals, the first album to feature Steve Campbell (Nagdeo’s drummer) on vocals, and the first album cover drawn by a different artist, a woman from Indonesia named Ilham Muaffa. It’s also the first album to be completed in Nagdeo Studios, the 20’x32’ hand made building at GaiaYoga Gardens.

Musically, many of the songs on Liberating Love have more grit than the previous Nagdeo albums, yet still contain the rich compositions and arrangements listeners have come to expect and enjoy. Lyrically this album takes a deep look at what blocks and what opens the human heart and what we can do to liberate love and be liberated by love. If your ready for another epic musical and lyrical journey, from being crushed by the forces of our own unconsciousness and the unconsciousness of the cultures we were raised in, and through to the other side into a state of true open hearted liberation, then this album is for you.

Available for pre-ordering.Due to be released in late 2023 or early 2024.