Pray Yang For Yintegrity

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Published in 2021

“An album jacket with liner notes, lyrics, and a digital download card to get the music onto your device. There is no vinyl record inside. It is produced this way to provide big artwork and a real thing to hold in your hands, but also provide the modern ease of digital music”

Collection of 12 songs

  1. We Our Mothers
  2. Into The Heart
  3. When The Boys Gonna Grow Up
  4. Put Her First
  5. Stuck In The Middle
  6. The Trimester Triathlon
  7. Iolanthe
  8. Breast Treatise
  9. Penis Treatise
  10. Uncle Dad
  11. Humility (First Draught)
  12. Crade to Grave

Pray Yang For Yintegrity is a thematic album based on the understanding that the human world, on the whole, is dominated by the “immature masculine” and that unless this consciousness matures, no amount of technology, good ideas, or political change is going to work. First, men must mature emotionally and spiritually. How will men mature? They must be hungry to grow and also be supported in this process by mature women and mature men. And this call to mature is what every song on this album is about.

Pray Yang For Yintegrity is the best-produced Nagdeo album so far, with a rich diversity of lyrical themes and styles of music. Some songs are trance-like meditations, others upbeat sing-a-longs, others solid rock anthems, and it includes many tongue-in-cheek expressions of difficult truths in a humorous, yet sincere package. If you want inspiration in growing up as a man or inspiration in supporting men in growing up, this album is wonderful musical medicine.