Living The Dream(s)

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Published in 2013

Collection of  12 songs

  1. Farm Like We’ll Live Forever
  2. Raw Milk Rebel
  3. A Secret To A Long Happy Love
  4. I Party Naked
  5. Cinder Roads
  6. Just Love
  7. Permaculture
  8. I Climbed The Coco
  9. Ambrosia (Niu Nucifera)
  10. The One Perceivable
  11. A Spirit Having A Human Experience
  12. Elohi

Living The Dream(s) is the first album by progressive, shamanic, folk-rock band Nagdeo. It is a collection of 12 songs that express a mandala of inspirational dreams of living in a beautiful, natural, and interconnected way. The songs are lyrically and compositionally driven and some have been described as “kids songs” for adults.  Fun and upbeat with songs, with memorable choruses about sustainable farming, coconuts, how to maintain a romantic relationship with a woman, the innocence of nudity, connecting with our spiritual nature, the truth about raw milk, the fundamental disharmony of human civilization, and the celebration of the birth and infancy of Ano’s son.

No two songs have the same set of musicians or instrumentation on them – so each song has it’s own unique flavor. The image on the album cover, like the name of the band, is inspired by the novel The Kin Of Ata Are Waiting For You, by Dorothy Bryant. Want to get inspired towards beautiful dreaming? Listen to Living The Dream(s)!