True Human Freedom

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True Human Freedom: The Inspiration and Argument for GaiaYoga® Culture.

Aloha!  My name is Ano Tarletz Hanamana. I’ve been living in rural Hawaii for over 25 years in intentional community, practicing permaculture, eating only raw food, healing myself, exploring multiple-adult intimacy, and learning how to create and participate in a natural human social structure.  In 2001 I gave birth to the GaiaYoga® teaching.  In 2003 I co-founded GaiaYoga Gardens intentional community and holistic cultural research site, where I live today, developing community, love, and consciousness, and am raising my two children.

Like Thomas Edison, working on creating the first light bulb, I’ve been in a very focused process of inventing/designing/discovering a cultural foundation that is in alignment with both our primal nature as social animals and our emerging spiritual potential, is socially sustainable, supports growth and healing, and actually can meet all our diverse and precious human needs sustainably.  In other words, a whole way of life that truly works, is dynamic, and is worth passing down to the next generation.

In 2013, I realized that like a LGBT person who was scared to “come out of the closet” I was not really revealing myself to the world 100%.  So I decided to write an essay about my deepest dreams/desires, to be transparent to myself and others.  Over the next three years of writing and editing that essay grew into a visionary treatise — True Human Freedom:  The Inspiration and Argument for GaiaYoga® Culture.  After nearly 25 years of working on it, my “light bulb” is working and staying on much of the time, and we have more skills and capacity to handle when it burns out.

With pride and humility I am standing up and letting you know I’m confident I’ve developed something that will satisfy many peoples’ deepest longings – a clear and well-tested vision for how to live in our fullest human potential, in holistic culture, with deep joy, connection, and healthy pleasure.

I imagine True Human Freedom might sound like a lofty claim… I make it sincerely.

We can’t fix the dysfunctional culture running the planet and we will lose if we fight against it, but we can consciously exit it (internally and externally) and create a new holistic culture that really works.  This is the hope I have for changing the world, everyone stops participating in the madness and comes together in something else that is sane and beautiful.  But to do this, we need to deeply understand how our conditioning lives in us, obscures our true nature, undermines self-connection, and generates the world we don’t like.  And we need to have a clear vision and practical way to move towards living the way we truly want.  That’s what this book reveals.