An Introduction To GaiaYoga (booklet)



This is the booklet that presented the GaiaYoga teaching to the world for the first time. Published in 2001, it covers the foundational principles of GaiaYoga, which is to make wholeness itself, balance itself, and integration itself the primary focus of life, and to use the maps of The GaiaYoga Matrix and The Five Spheres Of Community to guide us towards the integration of Spirit, self, community, and Earth in a sustainable and holistic manner.

The rest of the GaiaYoga teaching, which is expressed in the other books Ano has written, and in many of Nagdeo’s songs, emerges out of the foundational vision and consciousness expressed in this booklet. Each booklet is personally printed by Ano, with it’s own laminated cover so that it has a much longer “shelf life” than a typical booklet.