The Four No-Bull Truths



“Available in May 2023. Feel free to pre-order it.”


This is the third GaiaYoga teaching book and the fifth book written by Ano. If An Introduction to GaiaYoga heralded the birth of GaiaYoga 1.0 in 2001, and True Human Freedom heralded the birth of GaiaYoga 4.0 in 2016, then this book heralds the birth of GaiaYoga 5.0. GaiaYoga 2.0 began when GaiaYoga Gardens (GYG) – permaculture homestead and intentional community site near Pahoa, Hawaii – was purchased and then moved into in 2003 by Ano and his partner Mercedes. GaiaYoga 3.0 began in 2009 when Ano and Melekai (the mother of Ano’s children) bought Mercedes out of her ownership in GYG and began co-creating GYG as partners and parents.

While the fundamental GaiaYoga vision and teaching has not really changed, there has been profound refinement in understanding how to execute this teaching effectively and bring the culture and consciousness of GaiaYoga into stable and sustainable manifestation in the world. In other words, the vision hasn’t changed (though it has gotten clearer), but seeing what it takes to rebirth an individual human and a bonded group of humans out of the “modern world” and span the huge gap from that cultural consciousness and into GaiaYoga Culture and Consciousness has evolved profoundly.

GaiaYoga 4.0 ended in 2021 with a lot of heartbreak, after it was looking like GYG was expanding and thriving more than it ever had. But something wasn’t quite working – and this led to most of the people who were becoming members of GYG leaving over the course of 18 months. Those who remained were left to figure out what happened and why. And also to determine how a different (more desirable and sustaining) result could occur. This led Ano into the deepest re-evaluation process of his adult life, since he first moved to Hawaii in 1992, and to birth of The Four No-Bull Truths and this book.

This book looks with laser-like sobriety at the workings of the Holistic Heart, bonded multi-generational community, the human mind and how it functions effectively or ineffectively, and at all the forces that can either lead us towards the beautiful world we want or unwittingly away from it. The hard-won wisdom in this book is standing of the shoulders of the previous GaiaYoga teaching books and hopefully completes the written dharma of GaiaYoga.